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From being severely abused to being healed and whole. From being angry and getting into fights all the time to loving others and being loved by everyone. From failing in school to being on the honor roll.

From feeling rejected and alone to being a part of a family.

This is Jayquan’s story.

Jayquan, better known as Jay, ran away from his severely abusive home at age 10. Jay was put into a foster home. His foster parents provided a safe loving home for Jay, but it was more like a group home due to the number of boys that lived there. When Jay went into foster care he was very confused,  angry and scared. He was in trouble at school on a regular bases, getting into fights almost daily. He was failing every class. His caseworker saw great potential in Jay, and she believed if he had exposure to a loving family and a positive, male role model that it would make a difference for him.

Soon Jay started visiting a Christian foster family who shared both God’s love and gospel with him. The Lord used this Christian family to be his permanent family and to plant seeds that totally transformed his life. As a dedicated follower of Christ, he is now in his final year of College, works as a manager at a local restaurant, and he travels to Christian camps in the summer working with youth. His caseworker looks at Jay today and says, “He is nothing short of a miracle.”